Composting Worm Bins Make for a Healthy Garden

If you are new to the world of gardening, your first season may not have turned out so great. But that’s okay because anything takes a certain amount of practice and know-how in order to achieve great results. This year, consider composting worm bins that will provide all the fertilizer and nutrients you need to make those plants stand up and look proud.

Unlike acquiring gardening traits, composting worm bins is no fail with your very first try. There are just a few sensible rules that need to be followed to keep your garden and potted plants happy and healthy. Everything in nature has a specific purpose and that purpose for the red worm is to gobble up food scraps, leaves, or any type of vegetation that is fresh or dying. The scientific name for red worms is Eisenia fetida or more commonly known as the red wriggler. You may have seen these worms right after a rainfall when they are out hunting for fresh vegetation that is a real cuisine for them.

There is also a special name for composting worm bins called vermicomposting. This process of converting organic waste into nutrients that plants love starts with making worm bins. Any container that is 12 to 15 inches deep and made of wood or plastic will work as long as you have a lid. Fruit flies will be attracted to the smell and a lid will keep them away. A lid will also keep the odors inside of your worm bins where deteriorating scraps can become quite ranked.

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Buying the Correct Garden Toys

Children love playing outdoors, and most little ones enjoy getting dirty. Gardening is a great way to keep your child entertained and active for hours. Letting your child have his or her own set of garden tools will create a sense of independence.

Before you invest in any gardening toys, decide what the toy will be used for. If you want to buy items just for the sake of keeping your child supervised while you garden, consider purchasing only a few basic things. You can save some money by using what you already have. Old kitchen spoons, pots, and strainers make great garden tools. If your goal is to teach your child about the benefits of planting and cultivating a garden, you may want to purchase toys that mimic your gardening implements.

Before making any purchase, check that each toy is age appropriate. Young toddlers should use simple, lightweight, plastic tools, while older children can work with more complicated metal tools. Check each toy for sturdy construction, and avoid sharp edges or detachable pieces. To get the best deals, it is better to do your shopping at the end of the summer or in early spring. Shop around for toys that are gender specific, so your child will feel like the tool belongs solely to him or her. Many garden toy manufacturers sell items with designs tailored for each gender.

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Cool vibes from the home herb garden

I associate having a home herb garden with the handiness, freshness and saving that leaves me at liberty to produce delectable meals time after time.

Yes, you may harvest your own food flavouring with a homegrown, pesticide-free and delectable home herb garden and here are a few beneficial essential tips to aid you get the most out of this gardening experience.

This rising “eat local” drive may have inspired you to investigate the origins of products at the grocery store, however why not produce your own herbs this season? And, considering the situation, this brings back a more “local” output of these fine herbs straight to your home.

Another value is a fresher, more powerful flavor. Herbs taste greatly better as you grow your own and utilize them fresh. Thought well known for culinary usage, herbs are also used for herbal teas, aromatherapy and a quantity of craft projects such as potpourri, perfumed soaps and candles.

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Choosing Modern Garden Furniture

If you are looking to purchase furniture for your garden but you want to veer away from more traditional styles, there is an extensive selection of modern garden furniture to choose from in stores and online. But with such a variety of options, it is important that you know what you’re looking for before you hand over the money.

When choosing your furniture, consider these key questions:

1. How much room do you have in your garden? 2. What pieces of furniture must you buy (e.g. four chairs, two side tables, two loungers etc.)? 3. How much time do you want to spend taking care of it? 4. What is going to fit in well with your outdoor space and your lifestyle? 5. What is your budget? 6. How many years do you want it to last and will the weather be a problem?

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Mantis Electric Garden Tiller Its A Winner For Home Gardens

Mantis Electric Garden Tiller Its a Winner for Home Gardens

I’m not usually one to boast about things that happen to me, but I need to boast–boast about the Mantis Electric Garden Tiller! I belong to the Saturday Morning Garden Club. Last month we decided to raise money to put in a garden at the public library. We discussed having an auction, a plant sale, or a raffle. Then someone came up with the idea of selling tickets for a garden tour–people would be able to come visit each of our gardens, sip some tea or lemonade, and ask questions. At their last stop, people would fill out a form indicating whose garden they were the most impressed with. A prize would be given to the top gardener and the proceeds from the tour would be used for the library garden.

We each had three weeks to get our gardens in tiptop shape for our viewers. Some of the gardens are amazing! They contain ponds, water features, specialty gardens, and so much more. While having lunch with Lilly and Jack, they talked about all the work they were going to do to get ready. Lilly wanted to add a lily garden and Jack was going to rent some big machine and practically redo his entire garden! Thinking about Jack’s plan, Lilly thought she would have her husband haul out his heavy duty tiller and redo one of her gardens.

I couldn’t afford to redo my one and only garden. I have a micropond with water lilies and forget-me-nots. Around the pond are all sort of greens and two large honeysuckle bushes, which the humming birds just love. The area is fenced in with white fencing loaded with climbing ivy. Facing the pond is a small brick patio with two rugged wooden benches. That’s it.

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