Importance & Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening with kids is a great outdoor activity which allows the whole family to participate. Selecting your flowers and vegetables, making the earth and planting and harvesting, gardening with kids could be a wonderful way to spend time with your child/children and a healthy hobby which all can enjoy. Working in the garden, helps a child build all senses and children learn to work together and share.
Now a day, children spend more time sitting in front of their computers & TV than playing outdoors. A study by the California Department of Education, kids’ fitness levels may affect their performance in school. The Study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found exactly the same results on academic performance. The study revealed that increased amounts of physical fitness translated into higher academic achievement. The benefits were most evident in tough subjects like math scores. It is also found that girls at a higher fitness level had better achievement than boys.
Does your child consume the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables each day? We have known for years that fruits and vegetables provide essential protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that keep us healthy. According to the nationwide nutrition survey research, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables decrease risk of stroke, cancer, and heart disease, improved memory and lower blood sugar levels. So why not try this.
Following are the Benefits of gardening with your children:
Social and Life Skills
Environmental Awareness
Quality time with family
Following are some tips for gardening with your children:
Before you start, Study what kind of climate you have. Once you know your zone, you can find out and choose what plants to select.
Allocate a place where your child will be gardening.
Guide them about the importance of quality soil and soil preparation.
Before starting a garden with your children, the first thing you should do is remove any large debris, rocks, and branches.
Let the kids lay out the shape of the garden.
Ask your kids what kind of plants, vegetables or flowers they like to plant and let your kids pick them out.
Explain them what will work well in the garden and what won’t.
Let them help in the seeds selection and blossoming plants at the nursery. Let your child do the money calculations.
Depending on your kid’s age, let him dig, weed, or watering. This is a great way for your child to explore.
Get them their own gardening gear. Nothing will motivate your little gardener more than having their own little shovel, gardening gloves, watering pail, and colored rubber boots.
Plant some quick growers to keep the child’s interest or purchase plants from garden center.
Watch plants breed and enjoy time together in nurturing nature.
Gardening with children could benefit both children and adults and it’s all about having fun and learning together. Gardening & nature are great stress relievers, enhance the environment, develop individuals, and build communities.

Spend your Working Day in the Garden

There is an increasing number of people opting to work from home, however the lack of a secure and cosy office space has many of us setting up our computers and files in the spare bedroom where we are faced with little space and a blank wall to stare at, or the dining room table which can be an inconvenience as we have to move our equipment every time we have guests.

Adding an extension to your home just isnt feasible for lots of householders due to space and the costs involved, however there isnt any need to spend a lot of money on a home office, particularly if you have a nice big garden. Just take a look out the kitchen window and let the garden inspire you. There are lots of homeowners setting up a home office in the garden as it makes sense and has space.

Lots of homeowners just dont make the most of their garden area, especially during the winter months when its too cold to venture outside. There are lots of advantages to purchasing a garden home office and one of the main ones is that after you have finished work for the day you can lock the door and head home. The problem with an office inside your house is that you are always reminded of work by the files and books hanging around, this can make it difficult to switch off – one of the most common complaints made by anyone working at home.

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Beautiful Garden Shed Designs

Garden shed designs form the creative basis for any garden storage shed project. They can be born from a creative architectural mind, or maybe from ideas you may get from home and garden magazines and the likes. Your will have to choose from designs, which you find both aesthetically pleasing and that provide the best practical solution for your particular garden site.

The variety of type of garden shed designs available include the following:

Wooden Sheds.
Plastic Garden Sheds.
Metal Garden Sheds.
Overlap Garden Sheds.
Tongue and Groove Sheds.
Potting Sheds.
Log Cabin Sheds.
Corner Sheds.
Windowless Security Sheds.
Wheelie Bin Stores.

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Garden Mulch A Guide To The Benefits And Types Of Garden Mulch

Garden mulch can enhance the look of your garden and help keep your garden healthy. Placing mulch in your garden can also save you time by decreasing the need for watering, applying herbicides and pulling weeds.

Mulch Benefits:

Helps moderate the soil temperature.
Retains moisture during dry weather, which reduces the need for watering.
Reduces weed growth.
Natural mulches can improve the structure of the soil. As mulch decays, the material becomes topsoil, while adding nutrients into the soil.
Enhances the beauty of the exterior of your home by adding color and uniformity.
Can prevent trees and shrubs from getting damaged by lawn equipment.

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Garden Accessories Great Gift Ideas

Nothing can be more perfect than staying outdoors and enjoying your garden view. For someone who can feel and appreciate the outdoor, a good garden accessory can be a great gift to these people, whom, may be a close family member or a good friend. You may find great garden accessories from many home and garden stores. Here are some items that you can try to check on first: It can range from simple loungers to a whole set of picnic tables or dining sets fit for outdoors.There’s a wide variety that you can choose from, may it a simple lounger to sets of picnic tables or other teak lounging sets. Perhaps, you good side table that will fit outdoors would be nice.

Garden Tool Set. A basket complete withe garden tool set can be a neat present. A green thumb is even better with the right tools used in the garden. A great looking gift box to hold everything will be perfect.

Garden Fountain Kits. Who doesn’t love the sound of water dripping and rushing? I don’t know about you, but I love the water’s sound too. It’s a great gift idea because everything that is needed for the fountain to start working is already all in one pack. Just set everything into place and now it’s good to go.

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